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What is your opinion of cosmetic plastic surgery?

Without being politically correct,

What do you think of it? Would you get cosmetic plastic surgery?What is your opinion of cosmetic plastic surgery?
Never had any and Look Terrific

However , if I had an accident.. I would not hesitate to have any

If not no.. I will age gracefully and accept the days of our lives

Any accident , surgery is fine.. ( helps people with confidence , looks etc)

But for cosmetic reasons ( changing noses ( with bumps) who all claim they always fell and claim its an accident :) NO NO NO..



KYRIE ELEISON..What is your opinion of cosmetic plastic surgery?
i think cosmetic plastic surgery is very bad because when most people will want to look like this or that the surgeron will end doing a bad job making you look like a complete monster. if there a body part that you don't really like about yourself just leave it the way it is. and just love yourself becuase god created us differently.
I think plastic surgery should be reserved for those who actually NEED it and not for some idiot celebrity who can't deal with the fact that people age.

Seriously- some people don't even look human after some of that.
I don't think I'd ever do it myself; but I don't begrudge others if it makes them feel happier and more self-confident.

If nothing else, at least now it doesn't look like my brother is married to a two-by-four any more...
Nope I look fine as I am. I'm the way God wanted me to be and I'm happy as I am.
If there is a problem then yes. Why not? This covers it -

Does any one out there love Mac cosmetics ? How do you apply your foundation?

I confess - I am a MAC Diva. I use several MAC Foundations including Hyperreal, Studio Fix, Studio Tech and Select SPF.

Here's how I apply them:

Studio Fix - since it's a powder foundation I use a powder brush. I started off with MAC's own powder brush but then switched to Smashbox's #1 powder brush because it's a lot better than MAC. When I first started using Studio Fix, I used the sponge that came with it but noticed a lot of product was wasted and a makeup artist recommended that I use a brush with SF and I haven't looked back since.

Hyperreal and Select SPF - these are liquids and you can use either your fingers, a sponge or a brush. I have always used MAC's #190 foundation brush. It's brilliant at getting right coverage and evenly distributing the foundation.

Studio Tech - this cream foundation is heavenly because it covers every single blemish! Even though this one comes with a sponge, I use the 190 brush when applying this. The brush minimises wastage and there is a noticeable improvement in the coverage when ST is applied with a brush. It also looks more natural because the sponge can give a rather artificial finish.

So the bottom line is that brushes rock! Make sure you clean them once a week and get a good brand (MAC and Smashbox are superb) and you can use them for several years!Does any one out there love Mac cosmetics ? How do you apply your foundation?
I am a makeup artist and this is how you apply it in 9 steps:

Foundation helps to even out skin tone and give the look of flawless skin. Apply in the morning and set with powder to keep a smooth complexion all day.

STEP 1: Begin with clean hands and a clean face.

STEP 2: Apply moisturizer appropriate to your skin type. Let it set a few minutes, particularly if your skin is oily.

STEP 3: Camouflage under-eye circles and blemishes with concealer.

STEP 4: Select a foundation that is appropriate to your skin type and the coverage you wish to achieve. The color should match your skin, disappearing when blended well.

STEP 5: Shake the bottle well to mix the formula. Or, simply open a stick or compact version.

STEP 6: Place a small amount of foundation on the back of one hand. Dip your makeup sponge or your middle finger into it.

STEP 7: Apply to the center of your face: cheeks, forehead, chin.

STEP 8: Blend out to your hair and jawline until the foundation vanishes. Pay special attention to blending around the nose, mouth and jawline.

STEP 9: Set the foundation with loose powder immediately following application.

Tips %26amp; Warnings

Foundation can be spot-applied to the areas where you need to even out your skin tone. Remember to set your face with loose powder after application.Does any one out there love Mac cosmetics ? How do you apply your foundation?
There are serveral different brushes that you can use to apply foundation. It also depends on the type of foundation that you are using. You should check out for some more makeup advice. There are a alot of beauty experts who can help you out and there is a whole section devoted to MAC questions and answers and also sneak previews to the latest collections!
Hmm I either use the 187 brush or the 190 brush...I think there are some pretty great tutorials out there!

High End or Lower End Cosmetics..your preference?

i choose higher ends for certain types..not all high end cosmetics are creme of the crop. ive tried some more affordable products that outlasted and upstaged some the more costlier brands.

my fave:Dior

Least Fave:Covergirl

would love your awesome input ladies...and metro dudes (cant leave you dudes out) :)High End or Lower End Cosmetics..your preference?
I do prefer high end brands. Sure, they are mainly expensive, but they are an investment. They last longer and the quality of the make up is better. They usually don't make me break out and I have to touch up less often. Sure, some high end products aren't very good either. Some lower end products are great.

Favorite- MAC or Urban Decay

Least Favorite- Wet n Wild

Cover Girl saves itself from being the least favorite just because of LashBlast! It's amazing. :DHigh End or Lower End Cosmetics..your preference?
I am very picky about what I put on my face. For eye-shadows, MAC is definitely worth the price. The pigments are bright and vivid, and the selection ranges from mattes, shimmers, metallic shades, etc. I also use MAC eyeliner, but by far, the best mascara I have used so far is the Lash Stiletto mascara. I believe it is by Maybelline cosmetics. I love the glossy look it gives to my lashes. For glosses/lip plumpers, I use DuWop Lip Venom. It's a spicy cinnamon-y tingle, and the shine is impeccable.

In the end, I usually do end up going for the high-end cosmetics. I've gotten the best performance from them.

Fave: MAC

Least Fave: Covergirl
Generally I do prefer higher-end cosmetics like MAC, Lancome and Clinique. Overall the quality tends to be a lot better, it has more staying power and contains less ingredients that irritate my skin. Some lower-end cosmetics are nice, like Revlon ColorStay and CoverGirl Lash Blast, though.

Favorite brand: MAC or Lancome

Least favorite brand: NYC or Wet n Wild

I prefer to use a primer when I apply my cosmetics. I use a Revlon foundation primer, and a Lancome eyeshadow base.
I think the worst mascara ever is that maybelline one that everyone has been talking about. I think it's called great lash. I think mac eyeshadows are nice. I loved the prestige eyeliner in black. I got the waterproof one and it works really well. I also like how the pencil is the one where you twist it up, so you don't waste any products when you sharpen it. I think it smudged less than make up forever's aqua cream liners. My waterline smudged faster when I used the aqua cream liner. I also like shiseido's liquid liner. I use it a lot.

I don't apply a primer because I don't want to put that much stuff on the skin. I would do it if it's something special or when I'm going out with my boyfriend or something.
I gotta say high end cosmetics. I'm definitely not a label whore and I hate people that are, but when it comes to cosmetics, I'm more likely to find a high end brand that works well than a low end brand that does. There are definitely some gems out there in the drugstores, but you really have to dig, search, and research to find it.

Favorite: Makeup Forever

Least: NYC
lower end- its cheaper :)

but i like the higher end of the lower end, if you know what i mean.

if you do some research, and read some reviews, you can find really good drugstore brand stuff.

fave: revlon and maybelline

least fave: covergirl
I must say that I have expensive taste, to a point. I like, what I call, higher end.

My fave is a tie between MK and Arbonne

My least fave is Covergirl or Clinique
rimmels foundations are ok!

maybelline has some good mascaras

dont like loreal or covergirl!

lancome was not very good , netiher was clinique, ysl has some good mascaras. mac is overpriced! xx

What are some of your favorite cosmetics-name brand.Thanks!?

I only do brands that don't test on animals, so I think my favorites are Revlon, Ecco Bella, Alba, and the Body Shop. I also like Bonne Bell and Urban Decay. But my BIG favorite right now is My Lip Stuff. They have something like 400 different lip gloss and balm flavors! Or 300, maybe? A lot, anyway!

What are some of your favorite cosmetics-name brand.Thanks!?
Avon. You can get samples to try first and they have a satisfaction guarantee, no hassle return policy.What are some of your favorite cosmetics-name brand.Thanks!?
High end brands:

Urban Decay



Victoria Secret

Drug Store Brands:

Loreal HIP


My favorite brand is Revlon.

I also like MAC very much, it lasted all day on my Wedding day.
Rimmel, some maybelline products and lancome. I also like Revlon.
I don't care for expensive stuff. Just go to some store an buy whatever looks good!
I like Laura Mercier.
I like Mac a lot, and some loreal.
MAC! their makeup never lets me down

Why u apply cosmetics on your face?

we apply cosmetics on our face coz they add more beauty for our is only cosmetics which make a person beautiful.....Why u apply cosmetics on your face?
While i don't need too, I don't have any spots or anything, people tend to say 'you look tired' if i dont! Purely because we live in a world where everybody (even guys sometimes ...) wears makeup most of the time, and so i spose i feel like i have to wear it as well. Tbh i think makeup should be banned, people can get obsessive about it and we should be happy with who we are.Why u apply cosmetics on your face?
To hide flaws that you don't want people to notice? I use bareminerals because I have a birthmark on my face and it hides that wonderfully.
Make-up makes you think you look prettier, when you wear it you look good but when you don't you see everything you dont want everyone to see.
i wear make up because it adds more glow to my face but there are plenty of times when i go out without any makeup and just lip gloss and i like it
To enhance our natural looks.

Because we live in a world where men date women on looks.
to make my skin look slightly more tanned and to enhance my natural beauty!!! LOL

i also like putting it on
To enhance my features.
isnt it obvious?
to make yourself look better or stand out
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  • What are your favorite cosmetics???

    I love Bobbie Brown, Perscriptives, Chanel, Clinique, Dior, Smashbox, Urban Decay, and Too Faced! Tell me your favorites!What are your favorite cosmetics???
    OH, i just bought the bare essentuals about 3 weeks ago. I LOVE it. It really does not feel cakey on your face at all. Very nice product!What are your favorite cosmetics???
    Thanks! That is funny that you would work for them and know what I am talking about, not many people do. It is great. Still waiting for my eye shadows to come though. :)) Report Abuse

    umm i love pretty sure they dont test on animals!:).....and umm i usually use covergirl mascara cuz i just find it works better thatn mary-kays....and sumtime i just by smackers lip gloss from walmart!
    I think my username says it all... MAC!

    Besides MAC, I really like Bobbi Brown, Clinique, Estee Lauder, and Avon has got some good products. But, mainly, I'm a MAC girl. :]
    Lancome (eye shadows, mascaras and foundations), L'Oreal (ColourJuices lip glosses, Infallible long lasting lipcolor), MAC (lipglasses, blushes, makeup brushes), Stila (pretty blushes and lip colors, eye shadow brush and cute compacts/palettes). All of these cosmetics are cruelty free.
    urban decay's primer potion %26lt;33333333333

    and mac's shadesticks (sharkskin :])

    mac's eyeshadow (mi'lady duo)

    diorshow mascara is pretty nice

    avon eyeliner :]]]

    lola cosmetics blush in one night stand

    and thats all i can think of XD
    I love MAC cosmetics. The prices aren't bad and they are very helpful at the counter. They also can create really trendy looks along with classic, timeless looks. i love MAC!
    Foundations/ Powders/ Concealors - Revlon or MAC

    Lip Glosses/ Balms - Rimmel, Maybelline or Natio

    Bronzers - MAC or Covergirl

    Eyeshadows - MAC, Rimmel or Maybelline

    Eyeliner - Revlon

    Mascara - Revlon or Maybelline

    Blush - Revlon or Rimmel

    Nail Polish - Inglot or Revlon
    channel,too faced,mac!!!!!!!!got to love mac!!
    The ones that women put on their faces.
    two faced, rimmel, bourjois, urban decay, lise watier, ANNA SUI!!!!
    I have a lot of favors, but i'm the kinda girl that wears makeup but doesn't want a bunch of it kanked on 24/7. so i usually get a shimmer blush from MAC which have a really good line of makeup. I get the perfect eyeliner and eyeshawdow really anything and it's not overly pricey. I also get my natural stuff from the Body Shop for two reasons. 1 They dont test on animals! 2 They are a very good line and have plenty of stuff to fit your attitude and lifestyle.

    Also Victoria Secrets line of makeup is really good too.

    Hope i helped!
    Urban Decay - eye primer

    Dior, Merle Norman - lip gloss

    Sephora, MAC, Neutrogena - foundation

    Kiss My Face, Merle Norman - tinted moisturizer

    Fresh - Soy Face Cleanser Makeup Remover

    Clinique, Prescriptives, MAC, Sephora - Eye Shadow

    Origins - Silk Screen powder foundation

    Merle Norman - Eye Brow Sealer


    There is so much more but too many to list here. I'm like a skincare / bath and body junkie.
    I personally like a lot of drugstore brands, like CoverGirl, Maybelline, Annabelle, L'Oreal. Maybelline and CG have gotten a lot better in quality! : )
    I like MAC, Smashbox, Mary Kay, my mom gave me some Giorgio Armani eye shadows and they were good, and Clinique.
    I adore Almay makeup because it is the only thing I have tried (and thats a lot, even the ';most gentle'; mineral makeup) that hasn't irritated, broken out, or basically screwed up my skin!

    Ladies, What Is Your Cosmetic Brand Of Choice?

    I use all different kinds.. I was just wondering to see what anybody else had to add.

    %26amp; what about the best brand you've used...worst?Ladies, What Is Your Cosmetic Brand Of Choice?
    Best: MAC, Make-up Forever

    Worst: N.Y.C, RimmelLadies, What Is Your Cosmetic Brand Of Choice?
    My favourites:

    Napolean Perdis



    Urban Decay

    Mary Kay




    Worst I've used:



    Wet n Wild (It wasnt necessarily bad, I actually liked it a bit but it gave me an eye rash).
    I used to wear Bare Esentials. It is a VERY good brand and I love it. It just got really expensive so I went to target and got a bunch of cheap makeup. And to tell you the truth, I love that almost as much!
    Best brands:


    -Urban Decay





    -Coastal Scents



    the body shop. its expensive but its made with all natural things and it never clogs pores. its amazing!
    Avon..there foundation is getting much better, their shock so good too.